Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Sam Bradford Superfractor RC /1

With just one more win, Sam Bradford could lead the St. Louis Rams from worst to a playoff berth. The most watched trading card on eBay is this 2010 Topps Chrome Autographed Superfractor, serial numbered 1/1.
It appears as though the seller 'accidentally' listed the card for sale several days ago for a buy it now price of $725.00. Unfortunately for him someone bought the card and the seller revoked the deal and negative feedback ensued. It might hurt the final sale price, but probably not much.

Bradford has had an excellent season for a rookie QB and hopefully he can stay healthy and improve in the years to come. High-end rookies of popular NFL Quarterbacks are always some of the highest priced football cards on eBay. You never know what can happen in the playoffs and if Bradford can get the Rams in then it might set up an opportunity for a pop in the value of his cards. The timing of the sale of this Superfractor is near perfect and the price should dictate that.

2010 Topps Chrome Sam Bradford Auto - 1/1 Superfractor
Watchers: 1,000+ (Most Watched Trading Card)
Current Price: $10,100.00
Final Price: 14,300.00
Auction Ends: Jan. 2, 2011


  1. its up to $6,600.00 now as of 12/29/1010 7:01 Eastern Time

  2. Anyone know about the value of his Auto RC that is both an error and miss-print card?