Saturday, November 27, 2010

2005-06 UD The Cup Alexander Ovechkin Black Rainbow RC /1

One of the most popular sports card auctions to hit eBay in quite awhile is this stunning 2005/06 Upper Deck The Cup Alexander Ovechkin Black Rainbow 1/1 Parallel Rookie Card. By the time the card ends tonight, the price tag might reach $10,000.00.

Ovechkin is widely considered one of the top players in the NHL and his star power is right up there with Sidney Crosby and up-and-comer Steven Stamkos.  This card is being sold on consignment by Beckett Media - the company will sell your card on eBay if the value is over $250.00.  I'd have to go back and check out past results, but I believe this is the most watched Hockey card of 2010, and with just over a month left in the year, this might end up being the top Hockey card to hit the market during the calendar year.

Watchers: 720+ (Most Watched Hockey Card In 2010)
Current Price: $8,988.88
Final Price: $9,189.00
Auction Ends: November 27

Monday, November 22, 2010

Buy Low? Vince Young Rookie RC Cards

A new NFL player gets put into the coaches doghouse each week and Vince Young is the man this time. Apparently after Sundays game, Young threw his jersey into the crowd and also had words with Titans head coach Jeff Fisher.  Vince was upset he was pulled from the game after he hurt his thumb - turns out the injury is significant and Young will be out the rest of the 2010 NFL season.

His career in Tennessee might be over but Vince Young is not JaMarcus Russell, he will get another shot in the NFL. It got me thinking today about if it is a good idea to buy any Vince Young cards, with the idea that he would get his career turned around. Think about just a few years ago when Michael Vick went to jail, I remember looking at the prices of his cards and was stunned at how they had fallen from the levels of 2001-2003 when Vick was the hottest name in the hobby and the NFL. Now that Vick is back and thriving, the value of his cards have gone up a lot. Can Vince Young have the same resurrection?

Vince Young and Michael Vick are two different QB's. For one, Vick's arm strength is A LOT better, I would put their passing accuracy at the same level, although Vick has really improved that area of his game in 2010. Vick is also much quicker and can escape the pocket better then Young. The thing that made Young so good in college at Texas was his ability to run - but he was a "man among boys" even playing elite NCAA football. That gap in athleticism shrinks in the NFL and only QB's with elite pocket awareness (or the speed of Vick) can run successfully over the course of a career.  Eventually, you have to become an elite passer to be a great QB and Michael Vick has accomplished that in 2010 - while it remains to be seen if Young can ever reach that level. 

After thinking about it, I would have to say I would NOT buy Vince Young cards, although I do think he will get another opportunity to start somewhere in the NFL. For one, he is not like Michael Vick in that Vick has a CANNON arm - Vince Young's arm is average at best. Young also doesn't have elite speed and his average speed will deteriorate over time. Because of those factors I don't think he will ever have a 'Hall-of-Fame' type career and could be out of the league before too long. The one thing I will note is that Vince was known in college as a great leader. Perhaps if he matures a little bit, the strength of his game, which I believe to be those college leadership qualities, can shine if he is put in the right situation.

2006 Topps Chrome Vince Young Auto RC
Can be found for: $30-40 - November 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steven Stamkos Rookie & Autograph Cards On Fire

Steven Stamkos has the hottest Hockey cards on eBay and for good reason, it seems like he is able to score a goal just about every night. This guy is a nightmare on the ice and in 09/10 he was tied for the league lead in goals.  Even more amazing is the fact that Stamkos doesn't turn 21 until February 2011. Wow.

Stamkos has always been on collector's radar screens because he was the #1 overall pick in the OHL Draft in 2006, and subsequently picked #1 overall in the 2008 NHL Early Entry Draft. Everywhere he's played he has put up huge point totals and already has 28 pts through 17 games this season. Check out this spectacular 2010/11 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Emblem - the emblem comes from an OHL Sarnia Sting Jersey. Stamkos played 2 seasons for the Sting from 2006-2008.

10/11 Steven Stamkos Ultimate Emblem
Watchers: 71
Current Price: $152.50
Final Price: ????????
Auction Ends: Nov. 20
Not sure what happened to this card.

10/11 ITG UM10 Checklist

It's not just that cool UM10 Emblem that is getting a lot of love, the most watched Stamkos rookie card right now is this BGS graded 9.5 - 2008/09 UD Sp Authentic Autograph RC /999.

Steven Stamkos 2008/09 UD Sp Authentic Auto /99
Watchers: 57
Current Price: $305.00
Final Price: $336.00
Auction Ends: Nov. 17

Monday, November 15, 2010

Buy or Sell? Brandon Roy Rookie Cards

I first became familiar with Brandon Roy when he led his #1 seeded Washington Huskies over my alma mater, number eight seed Pacific, in the 2nd round of the 2005 NCAA Tournament . Roy has the type of court skills you dream about having, and at 6'-6" he has the size to elevate and get his shot when he needs to. The problem is that Roy hasn't been able to stay healthy during his 4+ seasons in the NBA. The story is no different this season as I've read some rumors that his knee is really messed up, although he has played in all of the Blazers games thus far.

The value of Roy's rookie cards have fallen off since the 08/09 season where he played in a career high 78 games and averaged 22.6 points per game, with 5 assist and 4+ rebounds. Those are the types of numbers players like Dwyane Wade and Kobe Bryant are capable of putting up. Roy has the ability to be a top 10 NBA player but the health might derail his career and destroy the value of his cards. The two players who have a similar game to Roy that I can think of who got killed by injuries were Grant Hill and Alan Houston. Hill was one of the leagues best players while Houston was more of a shooter but still put up huge scoring numbers. You had to have a Grant Hill Rookie waaaaay back in the day and I could only imagine if autograph and game used cards were popular in that era how much Hill's cards would have fetched on eBay when he was the hottest name in the game.

So what do you do if Roy is your guy and you have a bunch of cards, or have been waiting on a particular card to buy/sell? If Roy is able to bounce back from injury then he could be a buy low candidate. Here are the other two top players from the 2006 NBA Draft, along with Roy, and how much their 2006/07 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Autograph Rookie, serial numbered #/100, have sold for during the first month of the NBA season. We'll see what Roy sells for now that he is struggling, previously sales had been in the $120-175 range. Anything less than $100.00 I would consider a good buy because you can see the potential if he ever gets hot again - Rajon Rondo's Exquisite RC's have sold as high as $500+ recently.

2006/07 Upper Deck Exquisite Patch Autograph Rookie
#8 Pick: Rudy Gay $122 - $180
#21 Pick: Rajon Rondo $250 - $530

Watchers: 14
Current Price: $16.50
Final Price: $129.50
Auction Ends: November 22

Friday, November 12, 2010

Buy Low? Jason Thompson Rookie Cards

I remember watching Kings PF Jason Thompson back in the 2008 NBA Summer League and was impressed with his effort and skills. He had a good couple years statistically his first two seasons in the league but has gotten himself into the doghouse in Sacramento this year, and rumors of him being shopped around are circulating.  When guys get put into the doghouse, this is the time to buy cards, at extreme discounts, and Thompson is no exception as the value of his 08/09 Rookie Cards have plummeted.

Shipped to your door for $4.24 would get you this 2008/09 SPx Autograph Jersey Rookie of Thompson off eBay. That's bargain basement. For less than $20 you could put together a 3 or 4 card collection that could pay off if he ever gets around to getting solid playing time again.

These are the types of players you need to look at if you are into prospecting Basketball cards for profit. Here is a guy who has skills, has put up numbers his first two years, and now has fallen out of favor in Sacramento. Not sure what the deal is, perhaps it's a work ethic thing, we'll see how it all plays out and if Thompson gets shipped out of town. He will get another opportunity along the line, and that will be the time to sell.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

2008/09 Topps Chrome Derrick Rose Superfractor RC 1/1

The NBA right now is loaded with young, skilled point guards scattered across the league. Off the top of my head I can think of Deron, CP3, Rondo, Wall, Westbrook, Curry, Jennings and it feels like I am missing a few. Included in that group is Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose who gets as much hobby love as any of those players I mentioned. When this 1997/98 Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan insert card ends tonight, a 2008/09 Topps Chrome Superfractor Derrick Rose Rookie Card will be the most watched Basketball card on eBay.

I wouldn't consider myself a full-fledged member of the Derrick Rose fan club. I like the guy. Comes across well in interviews, he takes the ball to the rim which is the part of his game I like the most. Rose's shooting has always been a little bit of a question mark and because of that I am always a little bit surprised at how high some of his 08/09 Rookie Cards sell for. This Superfractor card from Topps Chrome is a perfect example. No autograph, no game used, just the luster and lore of the Superfractor name and this card is already at four figures. Even the seller of the card is a bit surprised: "Wow! I have had a lot of interest in this card.  I pulled this card from a hobby box myself about two years ago. It went straight into a screw down holder right out of the pack." I say sell Rose now. Are the Bulls beating the Celtics in the playoffs? Let alone the Heat and/or the Magic.

2008/09 Topps Chrome DERRICK ROSE Superfractor RC 1/1
Watchers: 133 (Most Watched Basketball Card)
Current Price: $1,000.00
Final Price: $1,580.55
Auction Ends: November 11