Friday, January 28, 2011

$20-Month Sports Card Bankroll Challenge

Sports Card Radio has challenged me to a Bankroll Challenge where we try and buy and sell cards on eBay, COMC (Check Out My Cards) and Sports Lots to see who can have the highest portfolio value of cash and cards at years in. There are several limitations to the amount of money we can spend each month - which is too bad for me because on his podcasts - my brother is known to be sports card bargain hunter and I could have blown him out of the water if need be.

RULES - Contest Page on Sports Card Rado
Each Month We Must:
Deposit $10 to invest on Check Out My Cards
Deposit $10 PayPal to invest on eBay or Sportlots

Each Month We Must:
Only 40% Of Total Bankroll Can Be Cash At Months End
Buy At Least 1 Card on COMC and eBay or Sportlots

I've never purchased cards on COMC before, so at the very least this challenge will be great because I get to utilize a really cool website for people looking to buy and sell cards. COMC features state of the art scanning technology and the companies owner was a former employee at Microsoft before giving up the corporate world for a life in the trading card industry. I logged on and purchased several cards last night and the good news is that even if I lose this challenge, $120 will be in the pocket of card sellers on that site which I am sure they will make good use of.

In 2010 - I only bought two total cards as keepers. Both were from 2010 Razor Poker - Gavin Smith and Jean Robert Bellande autographs. Is it shameful to admit I don't "collect" cards?  I used to work in a hobby shop for 10 years + and back in my college days I would buy boxes wholesale and re-sell them online. My days "collecting" were when I was kid buying packs of 1990 Topps for .25 cents each. The odds are stacked against me in this contest because of this and hopefully I can rekindle my past glory as a buyer/seller.

At the end of 2011 - whomever has the highest portfolio + cash value will win all the cards and cash. At minimum the winner will take home $240.00 in cards and money but some serious pride is at stake as well. Contests will be held with members of the Sports Card Radio Fan Forum as they will get a chance to pick who they think will come out on top. 

If you are a seller on eBay, Sports Lots or COMC - let me know what you have! I need to spend a minimum of $10 a month on each site and will be trying to "flip" cards for cheap profit so I can buy more. 60% of my total portfolio has to be invested in cards so let me know if you have good deals on either site. I will chronicle some of my purchases on this blog and explain why I think I got a good deal. At the end of the year, hopefully I have a few cards to add to my thin collection.



    All my cards are under BP, mostly about 50% off.

    The most successful card I sold there would be a few Colt McCoy RC's, which I bought following your Bro's advice!

  2. Good luck, Ryan. I'll be following what you do...maybe even buying some of the cards you try to flip.