Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2003 Playoff Contenders Troy Polamalu Auto RC /989

One of my buddies is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I've had countless hours of conversation talking about that franchise. He'll call me up the week of a game and the first thing I always ask him - "Is Troy Polamalu playing?"  The answer to that basically tells me all I need to know about the teams chances that particular week. Polamalu is one of the best defensive players I've ever seen and his trading card prices have always been surprisingly high for a player who doesn't play offense.
One of the most watched football trading cards this week on eBay is this 2003 Playoff Contenders Autograph Rookie #/989. The 2003 Contenders card is Polamalu's only autographed 'true' rookie card but he does have several serial numbered copies. In addition he has a 2003 Leaf Rookies and Stars Longevity autograph #/25 that is considered an insert card. Very few of these pop up on eBay despite being numbered to /989. It will be interesting to see where the price comes in.

2003 Playoff Contenders Troy Polamalu Auto RC 175/989
Watchers: 109
Current Price: $168.50
Final Price: $326.32
Auction Ends: January 8th, 2011


  1. He is an awesome player. Almost as good as Urlacher. =)

    1. he is way better than urlacher, no comparison! his name is on 2 lambardi trophies n urlacher none!! every year polamalu makes plays n urlacher doesnt he's good one year then nothing the next 2 years then good in a couple of games n then nothing for the rest of the season.....

  2. I will be posting mine on ebay when I find it!!! Grrrr.