Saturday, January 22, 2011

2009-10 National Treasures Blake Griffin Rookie

Collectors have chosen which 2009/10 Blake Griffin Rookie Card they deem to be the most high end. The 09/10 Panini National Treasures Patch Autograph #/99 is the card of choice if you want the very best Griffin RC card. Several copies of the card have surfaced on eBay during January and prices continue to rise.
Part of the reason Griffin is a successful NBA player is the fact that he hustles like a Freshman in High School trying to make the Varsity team. A lot of his baskets come by way of shear energy and effort while other players are left standing flat footed. Griffin is also an exceptional athlete and his highlight dunks are a normal daily occurrence on ESPN's Sports Center. A good showing in the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest could send his card values even higher.
On January 10th, a 2009/10 Blake Griffin National Treasures #/99 sold for $2,950. The seller of the card, tcrowntom, is one of the most respected high end sellers on eBay. It should be noted that the card sold by tcrowntom had a better looking patch then the one listed below. If the card currently on eBay sells for more than $2,950 - then Griffin's rookie cards are continuing to rise in value and may have even more room to grow.

Update: The Blake Griffin National Treasures #/99 that sold for $2,950 - the deal for that auction fell through - seller tcrowntom, is sending the card in to be graded by BGS before re-listing. 

Watchers: 211+ (Most Watched Basketball Card)
Current Price: $2,601.00
Final Price: $3,211.00
Auction Ends: January 23

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