Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010-11 Adrenalyn NHL Hockey XL

Panini Adrenalyn Hockey cards will never show up on eBay's most watched list, but the popular online trading card game could bring hundreds of prospective young card buyers into the hobby.  The success of Adrenalyn NBA, NFL and Soccer might be one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Companies make huge profits on these products that feature no autograph or game used cards. According to the Wall Street Journal, Topps Attax accounts for 25% of the revenues and profits for that legendary sports trading card brand. While I have no idea what the balance sheet shows for Panini in regards to Adrenalyn XL, it could be the same cash cow that Attax is for Topps.

Card manufactures for years have been trying to find a way to draw young collectors back into the marketplace, and Panini is headed in the right direction with Adrenalyn. 6-Card packs of the NBA, NFL and NHL versions can be found for just $0.99 cents, but the real fun starts with the codes on the back of the cards that can be redeemed online. Once a code is put in- you obtain a virtual copy of that card online. Then you can build your roster and play a virtual game on Panini's Official Adrenalyn Website. The website was designed by Canada based A51 Integrated which also incorporates an area where collectors can "trade" their virtual cards online with fellow collectors.

Brand new for 2010/11 are the NHL Adrenalyn XL cards which have a scheduled released date of January 20th, 2011. I played the game online yesterday with the 10 cards Panini gives you when you sign up for an account, and it was a lot of fun...... and I'm 29 years old. Young collectors are going to really enjoy this game and it could help usher in a new legion of Hockey card buyers for Panini.

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