Friday, January 7, 2011

2010-11 Derek Fisher Timeless Treasures Logoman

Derek Fisher may not be the best point guard in the league, in fact, he may not even be in the 'top 30'. But every Lakers fan knows just how clutch Fisher has been his entire career. Ron Artest said after Game 3 of the 2009/10 NBA Finals against the Celtics, after Fisher had 11 points in the 4th quarter, that Derek becomes "the 2nd best player in the league when it matters most."
Being a Lakers fan of 20+ years myself, Fisher ranks right up there with my all-time favorites. Sure there are quicker, more explosive point guards around the league, but whenever Fisher is on the Lakers - they seem to make the Finals. Of course Shaquille, Kobe, Jerry Buss and Phil Jackson have a lot to do with the franchises success in the last 10 years, but without question one of the key members of the title winning teams has been Derek.
I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see that the most watched basketball card currently on eBay is this 2010-11 Panini Timeless Treasures Derek Fisher Logoman Autograph 1/1.  Usually cards with this many watchers are reserved for his teammate Kobe Bryant. I would gladly spend this kind of money on a card of Fisher. He is truly a class act on and off the court and will be a Laker legend for life.

Watchers: 103 (Most Watched Basketball Card)
Current Price: $310.21
Final Price: $482.86
Auction Ends: January 7


  1. Although that is a 1/1, you'd think there would be a more watched card than a D-Fish. Interesting stuff.

  2. I almost missed it because I thought it was a Kobe card :) - saw it was D-Fish had to get it up!