Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2006-07 SPx Carmelo Anthony-Amare Stoudemire Dual Jsy

The Denver Nuggets granted Carmelo Anthony his wish and shipped him out to New York in a milti-player trade package with the Knicks. Panini America will be getting the printers going for Anthony/Amare Stoudemire dual cards next season, but if you can't wait, here is an offering from Upper Deck from the 06/07 SPx Winning Materials set.
Anthony and Stoudemire have many cards where they are featured on the same piece of cardboard, but those are accompanied by another player or players as well. To my knowledge, this is the only dual card that features just Carmelo and Amare until the 2011-12 cards are released.

The teaming of the pair will spark interest in New York, but I wonder how well two players not known for their defense will fair in the tough Eastern Conference. Another player or two will have to be added around those two for any serious winning to take place. Nonetheless, it has Knicks fans excited and that hasn't happened in quite some time. The 06/07 Winning Materials Jersey card of Anthony/Stoudemire was an easy pull back in those days. Not many are ending up on eBay as of yet but maybe that will change once the two hit the court.

2006/07 SPx Carmelo Anthony/Amare Stoudemire Dual Jersey

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