Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 BBM Japanese Baseball Cards Version 1

Trading cards are enjoyed around the world and Japan's leading maker of Baseball Cards, BBM, will issue it's Series 1 Set due out late Spring. The cards themselves are nice looking and have a similar feel to California based Upper Deck offerings from years past. BBM began producing trading cards back in 1991 and a 30 pack box of this years 2011 Series 1 will cost you about $75-$80 U.S. or 6300 Yen.

2011 BBM Baseball Series 1 is not widely produced like U.S. cards for the simple reason that the demand for cards is just not very strong in Japan.  This is the granddaddy of all Japanese sets to be released during 2011 and it boasts a massive 418 card checklist with inserts, game used jersey cards, parallels and rookie cards.

30 Packs Per Box - 8 Cards Per Pack

The most popular BBM Japanese Baseball Card here in the U.S. is the 1993 Ichiro Suzuki Blue Wave #239.  A BGS graded 9 version of the card recently sold on eBay for $182.00 but the prices for those cards were insane when Ichiro broke into the MLB in 2001 with the Mariners.  No other card issued from BBM has garnered much attention from collectors in the U.S. but that could change if another player of Ichiro's caliber ever decides to come play in the States.

2011 BBM Japanese Baseball
Base Set: 324 Players
Base Set Parallel Cards: Silver, Gold, Holographic, Red, Blue

2010 Leaders: 34 Players
2010 Golden Glove 17  Players
2010 Best Nine: 19 Players
Recommended Hope: 12 Players
Team Checklist: 12 Total

2011 BBM Insert Cards
Lightning: 24 Players
Golden Age 88: 12  Players
Jersey Cards + Dual Jersey Cards


  1. It looks like all the text is in the modern Latin alphabet. Half the fun of collecting a Japanese set (IMO) would be having the Kanji on the cards.

  2. I wonder if the backs have the symbols on it?? It is interesting English is on the front.

  3. Flip them over and it's pretty much all Japanese on the back. BBM has always used the names in English on the fronts, and all the players jerseys have had their names in English on the back for decades.

    You can always check the releases directly from BBM's website (in Japanese):