Friday, March 4, 2011

2007-08 Exquisite Basketball Box Turns Forgettable

Imagine being a collector and shelling out the money to buy a box of 2007-08 Upper Deck Exquisite Basketball Box, which at the time, was the highest of high end boxes. Think about the elation you'd have if you were lucky enough to pull the "Exquisite Experience" Redemption card which allowed you to travel to Upper Deck and create your own box of Exquisite Basketball. It would be an experience you'd remember for a lifetime..... right?

One lucky collector had such a chance and is now selling their box by way of Beckett Media Auctions on eBay. Problem is, the collector can't remember what cards are inside the box. At least, that's the story. Seems hard to fathom that the contest winner couldn't remember one single card from the 5 cards they got to hand pick for the box. Here is the rundown of what is inside the box:
  • Base card
  • Auto Rookie Patch
  • Hit 1 Auto, Auto Patch, or Jersey)
  • Hit 2 (Bigger Hit)
  • Hit 3 (One of One) 
The box is currently the most watched sports trading card auction on eBay. It comes with all sorts of paperwork and even the original redemption card. Still seems crazy to think the person who won this "experience" can't remember a single part of it. In total, there were 5 boxes given away via redemption cards - Beckett claims that this is the 2nd one they've sold.

2007-08 EXQUISITE Experience Basketball Box Pack 1/5
Watchers: 267
Current Price: $3,350.00
Final Price: $6,399.00
Auction Ends: March 6, 2011

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  1. I wonder if Upper Deck has documentation on what cards the collector chose for his/her box. Interesting... I'd like to see the box break of this box.