Thursday, March 3, 2011

TTM Alert John Axford Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher

Getting autographs through the mail is a real fun experience that I took part in when I was a kid. It's much more sophisticated these days and there are websites and forum threads devoted to the quest of getting autographs in the mail.

I haven't sent any TTM's out in a long time, but I can remember the thrill of getting something back in the mail from an athlete.  It's great when players take the time to sign for collectors and fans through the mail and Brewers Pitcher John Axford is a willing signer according to Michael Hunt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"He (Axford) carefully opened each by tearing the edge of the envelope and, like Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificent character, blew inside to make sure he found every last piece of correspondence.  Letters, baseball cards, whatever, the Brewers' closer took time to read, respond and/or sign everything."

Axford is in just a few card sets - all from 2010.  2010 Topps Update, 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft, and 2010 Bowman Draft Baseball. 


  1. Love Axford and it's great to hear that he is such a willing signer. Anybody who can sport this moustache must be a big leager.

  2. Wow - the stash is off the charts. I like him better now - hopefully he sticks around for awhile.