Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 BBM Japanese Baseball Cards Version 1

Trading cards are enjoyed around the world and Japan's leading maker of Baseball Cards, BBM, will issue it's Series 1 Set due out late Spring. The cards themselves are nice looking and have a similar feel to California based Upper Deck offerings from years past. BBM began producing trading cards back in 1991 and a 30 pack box of this years 2011 Series 1 will cost you about $75-$80 U.S. or 6300 Yen.

2011 BBM Baseball Series 1 is not widely produced like U.S. cards for the simple reason that the demand for cards is just not very strong in Japan.  This is the granddaddy of all Japanese sets to be released during 2011 and it boasts a massive 418 card checklist with inserts, game used jersey cards, parallels and rookie cards.

30 Packs Per Box - 8 Cards Per Pack

The most popular BBM Japanese Baseball Card here in the U.S. is the 1993 Ichiro Suzuki Blue Wave #239.  A BGS graded 9 version of the card recently sold on eBay for $182.00 but the prices for those cards were insane when Ichiro broke into the MLB in 2001 with the Mariners.  No other card issued from BBM has garnered much attention from collectors in the U.S. but that could change if another player of Ichiro's caliber ever decides to come play in the States.

2011 BBM Japanese Baseball
Base Set: 324 Players
Base Set Parallel Cards: Silver, Gold, Holographic, Red, Blue

2010 Leaders: 34 Players
2010 Golden Glove 17  Players
2010 Best Nine: 19 Players
Recommended Hope: 12 Players
Team Checklist: 12 Total

2011 BBM Insert Cards
Lightning: 24 Players
Golden Age 88: 12  Players
Jersey Cards + Dual Jersey Cards

2011 Leaf Metal Draft Football Set

The Razor/Leaf Company will jump into the pre-draft Football Card market with the inaugural 2011 Leaf Metal Draft set scheduled to be released on March 30. It's a simple and straight forward product that will feature 70 of the top prospects in the upcoming 2011 NFL Draft. All the cards in the set are autographed with each one pack box netting four autographs from the set.
Leaf is in the same boat as Sage Hit and Press Pass in that they do not own the rights to use logos or team names from the NFL or NCAA. The result is three really simple sets with limited photography. Sales of these cards usually start out hot on eBay but taper off as new sets from Panini and Topps get released.  By the time a player gets hot, tons of sets have been released and collectors tend to shy away from the non-licensed sets like Leaf Metal Draft. If you sell online, sometimes you can take advantage of early hype by "pre-selling" boxes but that usually only pays off with a hot draft class.  This years crop of talent is luke warm at best with only a few players getting much love for now. Cam Newton, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and Blaine Gabbert will be the cards that garner the highest price online when the set does release.

There is not a lot of substance to the Leaf Metal Draft set, just the 70 card base set with three inserts sets. Out of the three non-licensed sets - this might be the one to go with if you like these types of products. All three will be priced similarly, between $70-$90 per box. But I'd advise waiting for offerings from Topps and Panini before getting involved heavily in any of the non-licensed stuff.

2011 Leaf Metal Draft
Release Date: March 30, 2011
Complete Checklist

1 Pack Per Box - 4 Cards Per Pack
Every Card Is Autographed

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TTM Alert Dan Descalso St Louis Cardinals Prospect

Savvy TTM Autograph collectors will take the time to send items to be signed by players during Spring Training. This is sometimes a great time to catch that player you've been trying to get because he may not receive as much fan mail at the teams Spring Training facility. 

One player who does sign during Spring Training is Daniel (Dan) Descalso, an infield prospect for the St. Louis Cardinals. Descalso was spotted signing autographs by FSN Reporter B.J. Rains on Wednesday.  The thing about Descalso is that he currently does not have any certified autographs available on the market so this is a good opportunity to get an auto of him. He has several cards from his draft year of 2007 (3rd round pick by the Cardinals) in the 2007 Bowman and Bowman Chrome Draft Picks and Prospects set as well as a Rookie Card in the newly released 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball.

St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Address:
4751 Main Street
Jupiter, FL 33458

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2006-07 SPx Carmelo Anthony-Amare Stoudemire Dual Jsy

The Denver Nuggets granted Carmelo Anthony his wish and shipped him out to New York in a milti-player trade package with the Knicks. Panini America will be getting the printers going for Anthony/Amare Stoudemire dual cards next season, but if you can't wait, here is an offering from Upper Deck from the 06/07 SPx Winning Materials set.
Anthony and Stoudemire have many cards where they are featured on the same piece of cardboard, but those are accompanied by another player or players as well. To my knowledge, this is the only dual card that features just Carmelo and Amare until the 2011-12 cards are released.

The teaming of the pair will spark interest in New York, but I wonder how well two players not known for their defense will fair in the tough Eastern Conference. Another player or two will have to be added around those two for any serious winning to take place. Nonetheless, it has Knicks fans excited and that hasn't happened in quite some time. The 06/07 Winning Materials Jersey card of Anthony/Stoudemire was an easy pull back in those days. Not many are ending up on eBay as of yet but maybe that will change once the two hit the court.

2006/07 SPx Carmelo Anthony/Amare Stoudemire Dual Jersey

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Topps Tim Lincecum Jersey #55/100

2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball always brings collectors out from a winter hibernation and gets them thinking about spring time again. Topps moved up the release date of 2011 Series 1 to February 2nd which was an added bonus to baseball fans.
Currently the most watched card from 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball is this Tim Lincecum World Series Champions Jersey Card, serial numbered 55/100. Lincecum also wears #55 for the SF Giants. It is early, and there will be plenty more cool cards to hit auction from 2011 Topps, but it's fitting that the man who helped close out last season, has collectors full attention to begin the new year. Cheap jersey cards of Lincecum can be found for less then $10 online but because the chase is on for 2011 Topps cards, and it's #'erd to his actual jersey number, this card will sell for quite a premium.

Lincecum is a fan favorite in San Francisco and why wouldn't he be?  While attending the World Series Parade last year, one of the most popular items being purchased on the street were "Let Timmy Smoke" T-Shirts (pictured below). The reference is to Lincecum's arrest in Washington when he was found with Marijuana in his car after a traffic stop.

Watchers: 65 (Most Watched 2011 Topps Card)
Current Price: $28.29
Final Price: $200.00
Auction Ends: February 5th