Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Red 1/1 $25K OBO

One of the top pulls from 2011 Bowman Baseball is up for sale on eBay with a hefty asking price of $25,000.00 or best offer. The price tag is ambitious even though Bryce Harper happens to be the hottest name in the hobby.  During the midst of the Stephen Strasburg boom shortly after the release of 2010 Bowman - his Red 1/1 Parallel sold for $4,850.00 in an auction that drew over 1,000 watchers in early June 2010.
The seller of the Harper Red 1/1 does throw out a word of caution in the auction description "Do not bid on this card if you plan on sending it in for grading." No further details were included but it's safe to say perhaps there is some chipping or whiteness on the corners and edges. Buying a card like this is a true gamble. Take a look at what happened to the price of the Strasburg Red 1/1 when it re-sold on eBay in January 2011 several months after an arm injury that ended his season. 

2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Red Parallel 1/1 BP1
Watchers: (Unavailable)
View Count: 334
Asking Price: $25,000.00 o.b.o.

STEPHEN STRASBURG 2010 Bowman RED Parallel RC 1/1
Watchers: 1,033
Final Price: $4,850.00
Sold June 2010


2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg Red Parallel RC 1/1
Watchers: 110+
Final Price: $1,425.00
Sold - January 25, 2011

2011 Bowman Baseball Information:

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Autograph Redemption

I hope Bryce Harper hits .400 with 35 HR this season in the minor leagues. Set the hobby world on fire kid - because your potential Nationals teammate, Stephen Strasburg, did the same thing a year ago around this time (with a little help from Jason Heyward, Buster Posey and Starlin Castro too). Harper is doing his part to live up to the hype - .395 Ave - 8 HR - 30 RBI in just 30 games. If he continues his torrid pace - it could send boxes of 2011 Bowman Baseball through the roof - much like last season - which saw hobby boxes approach $200.00.  Boxes typically pre-sell between $65-80 each.
Interest in the set might be tempered a bit because the Harper retail autograph is a redemption. It would have been wonderful to see the actual on-card autograph fresh out of the pack. Sometimes those situations are out of the companies control - but you'd think the guy whose face is on the cover of the box would have his autographs inside. We'll have to wait and see if the hobby versions are also redemption cards. Nonetheless, it shouldn't hamper the sale prices of Harper autograph cards too much. Expect early prices to exceed $1,000.00.

Harper's very first Bowman Chrome non-autographed card listed for sale on eBay drew quite the audience despite being a 1-day auction. The 187 watchers were the most for any auction listed card - and the 2,518 page views is staggering for a baseball card. Final price: $135.29.

2011 Bowman Bryce Harper Auto Redemption
Watchers: 393 (Most Watched Card)
Current Price: $710.00
Final Price: $745.88
Auction Ends: May 18, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 Bowman Paul Goldschmidt BP99

If Paul Goldschmidt keeps hitting the way he has been since he started his professional career - the big leagues are not very far off. After a 35 HR season a year ago in Visalia, Goldschmidt already has 11 in just 97 AB's in 2011 playing at AA Mobile. A lifetime .325 hitter in the minors, he is hitting at a .350+ clip this year.
Baseball America ranks Goldschmidt as the Diamondbacks #11 prospect in the system, behind guys I've seen play a few times, #2 LHP Tyler Skaggs, #3 3B Matt Davidson, #4 SS Chris Owings and #7 3B Bobby Borchering. Skaggs is an electric pitcher who has a great curveball. Davidson, Owings, and Borchering all had tough AB's, many ending in strikeouts, the few games I saw them this season. Goldschmidt has possibly leaped ahead of everyone but Skaggs and has to be considered a top 5 Diamondback prospect as of today.

Goldschmidt has a few collectors out there and has cards available before his first Bowman Card hits shelves on May 18. His most popular two cards are the 2010 Bowman Platinum autograph and his 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition autograph #/820. Prices for the two cards have gone up moderately this season. Expect his Bowman Autographs to sell in about the same range.

2010 Bowman Platinum Autograph
Low Price: $11.49 (April 30)
High Price: $22.00 (May 8)

2010 Donruss Eltie EEE Auto #/820
Low Price: $15.00 (May 5)
High Price: $30.50 (April 26)

2011 Bowman Baseball BP99

Also has Bowman Chrome BCP99
Chrome Autographs - $10-15???
Release Date: May 18, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2011 Topps Platinum Football Cards

Are you ready for some football? Topps certainly is and they are cranking out product images and preliminary checklist information for 2011 Topps Platinum Football which is scheduled to release on September 9.

All of the top rookies will be represented with autograph and event used jersey cards.  The number of hits per hobby box remains unchanged from 2010 - 3 autographs with 2 being rookie cards. The top rookies to collect so far in 2011 appear to be the early round QB's - Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Christian Ponder and Blaine Gabbert as well as skill players A.J. Green, Julio Jones and Mark Ingram. 2011 Topps Platinum Football will be available at both the retail and hobby level - with the hobby boxes guaranteeing the three hits. Expect retail blasters to be priced at $19.99 with 8 packs per box - 4 cards per pack. Prices for hobby boxes could vary depending on the NFL lockout situation which could hurt the demand for football cards.

The only new feature for 2011 Platinum Football that I could see were the Platinum Die-Cut Insert Cards featuring new NFL rookies and current stars. With the threat of the lockout - it could mean that there will be no "Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot" where companies like Topps, Upper Deck and Panini are able to obtain thousands of autographs and event used jerseys. If no event takes place, Topps may have to either coordinate an event themselves, do private signings and jersey swaps, or the worse fear for collectors - insert redemption cards for jersey/patch cards. It appears as though Topps has been able to secure autographs of many of the top picks including Ingram, Newton and Gabbert. Early mock up pictures of these cards may change as Topps will want to photograph them in their NFL uniform.

More information on Topps Platinum Football

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2010-11 Score Rookies & Traded Hockey Cards

On the surface, it appears as though Panini has hit a winner by bringing back the popular Score line in 10-11.  At just $0.99 cents per pack - hobby boxes could be found for less than $30 a box and blaster boxes were moderately priced at $9.99. On June 29, Panini will release an update set dubbed 2010-11 Score Rookie & Traded Hockey.

The Rookie and Traded Cards will be sold by the box set of 99 cards, 5 parallels and 1 autograph. 1:20 box sets will have card #100 which is still TBA at the time I am writing this. Panini claims in sell sheets and promotional materials that this card will gain national buzz and is the 1st card of this particular person. We'll see who it is. Some of the autographs available in the set are Taylor Hall, Jeff Skinner and Tyler Seguin.  SRP is $29.99 and you should be able to find these wherever cards are sold. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Sage Hit Football Cards

The 2011 NFL Draft is over and now collectors can begin to sort out who will make an impact in a lockout shortened off-season that may extend well into the summer and fall. Several QB's were picked much higher then anticipated and that could send prices for autograph rookie cards higher for Jake Locker and Christian Ponder.

With multiple 2011 football card sets already on the market, collectors have a wide array of choices.  Perhaps the best value, in terms of buying a $20 Blaster Box, are the Sage Hit cards that have 2 autographs per box. Neither Upper Deck or Press Pass guarantee hits in their $20 boxes. The Sage cards are not the best looking, in fact, some look down right hideous. But the autographs are straight forward - sticker with athlete picture - and they are the only reason to bust a retail box of Sage Hit. I wouldn't waste my time with a UD or Press Pass Blaster Box - just pick up singles on the secondary market.

The products that appear to be selling the best are 2011 Leaf Metal Draft and 2011 Upper Deck Football. A Cam Newton Blue #/25 Autograph RC from '11 Leaf Metal sold for $225.83 on April 24. Newton's autograph from Upper Deck, believed to be short printed, sells for around $160.00.  If it were me - I'd be looking to purchase guys who were picked in 2010 as they might be able to make more of an impact in '11 then incoming rookies. With the prospects of training camp, preseason and perhaps a few regular season games in jeopardy because of the lockout - many 2011 rookies may not have enough time to digest the playbook and get serious playing time. If one of these 2011 rookie NFL QB's busts out and plays well - I'd be really surprised, which means there might be plenty of buying opportunities during the season.  Below is a video of a 2011 Sage Hit High Series Football Blaster Box. It's interesting that the autographs are not inserted into packs - but come in there own separate wrapper.

More information on 2011 Sage Hit Low/High Series