Cockroach Diseases


Cockroaches aren’t the nastiest of creatures known to man.
They’re not viscious.
They’re not aggressive (to humans or our favorite pets).

In fact, for the most part, they are pretty docile and spend their lives looking for food.


The fact that they will stop at almost nothing to get to their food source is where the problem sneaks in.

They will happily walk over whatever type of waste they come across.
And once they walk across some rotting matter (or fecal waste) some of the bacteria present in that waste gets transfered onto their feet and legs.

Roaches seem to be immune to most things and their general foraging allows them to transfer that bacteria to places and things that they “share” with humans.
Once they transfer that bacteria onto (for example) the knives and forks in your cutlery drawer, the timebomb starts ticking for us.

Roaches have carried and transmitted the following diseases to their human neighbors time and time again:

  • Salmonella
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Dysentry
  • Hepatitis

And in the Pasteur Institute, proviral DNA (similar to that found in HIV) has even been extracted from cockroaches retrieved from Central Africa.
Here in The States we are safe from some of those, but cockroaches are prolific carriers of Salmonella and they don’t mind sharing it with us.

Also, on the allergy front, more than 50% of asthmatic and skin sensitive people have allergic reactions to cockroach presence & excretions.

While Man has so far been incapable of removing cockroaches from the planet, we’ve been very successful at creating baits and spray to help you rid your home or workplace of any risks that roaches bring.

Whether you have a mild or severe infestation, we have what you need and we guarantee results.
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