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Cockroach Sweeper Q&A


Product information Cockroach Sweeper Why is Cockroach Sweeper better than those in the market? Firstly, it is formulated with a powerful attractant. It lures roaches to eat, even if you place Baits in areas where there are other rich food source! Secondly, following unique 3-Step strategy to wipe out roaches. Attraction Cockroach Sweeper contains irresistible Feed Bait made of herbs… Read more »

How To Use Active Roach Killer Bait


Target Roach Killer Bait Roach Control Active Roach Bait comes in a unique plastic bait station design. It has 2 small openings that lead the cockroaches to the bait poison. This is to make sure non-intended Active cannot access the bait while allowing cockroaches to reach it. In fact, cockroaches are known to favor body-tight openings! Each Active Roach Bait… Read more »

Cockroach Diseases


Cockroaches aren’t the nastiest of creatures known to man. They’re not viscious. They’re not aggressive (to humans or our favorite pets). In fact, for the most part, they are pretty docile and spend their lives looking for food. Unfortunately… The fact that they will stop at almost nothing to get to their food source is where the problem sneaks in…. Read more »

The Best Roach Control Solution To Get Rid of Roaches


The world’s first 100% natural roach killer bait to help you get rid of roaches. 100% guaranteed safe & effective cockroach control! Dear friend, Want to get rid of roaches completely, effortlessly and affordably? Active Roach Killer Bait is all you ever need. Scientifically developed based on research findings from Entolomogy (the study of insects) and Geochemistry, Active Roach Bait… Read more »

Never use Insecticides & Conventional Baits again!


No More Expensive Pest Control Service! BECAUSE: Health Hazard and Unpleasant Odor The Chemical Insecticides and conventional Baits use is harmful to Human, Animal and Poultry. The toxin and unpleasant odor threatens health and pollutes environment Insecticides & Conventional Baits Work Ineffectively Insecticides and conventional Bait can only kill roaches on the contacted surface instantly and individually. They can’t eradicate… Read more »

Roach Control


You can use best roach traps every few weeks/months for the rest of your life if you like doing that, but the only way to truly control roaches is to use a two-prong attack and go after them once and for all. Our guaranteed method of roach control enables you to kill them in large numbers right now and then… Read more »

Testimonials On Roach Killer


“Your roach killer bait is just superb! I have not seen any roaches since I started using them a week ago! By the way, I use to “bump” into them every night!” Steve, Chicago “I just love you roach killer. Fast, easy and simple. Why didn’t I find you earlier.” Maria, US “After using your roach bait, my house is… Read more »

Top Pest Control Product for Business


Cockroach Sweeper has been widely used for killing roach in Hotels, Restaurants, Farms, Shipping Companies and other Industries. It is safe to Human, Livestock & Poultries and has achieved excellent results in eliminating cockroach. Thanks for your roach killer baits. We can’t find any cockroaches in our hotel after one week. We have tried so many different products but nothing… Read more »

Warning: Do Not Buy Retail & Conventional Roach Baits


All over the counter roach baits sold at grocery and hardware stores DO NOT have the same safe & effective formula as Active Roach Bait. First of all, conventional and retail ant baits rely on chemical compound to kill roaches. The chemical ingredients are highly toxic and can caused health hazards to human and pets. Worse still, they may contaminate… Read more »