Flower Garden Pests


Do you find that all your hard work is often tarnished by pesky pets in your garden. You might go to bed at night thinking that you will awaken to beautiful flowers blooming in your garden. Only to find that the deer or rabbit also enjoyed your fabulous garden in a much different way. Eating the bud off the stem before it has a chance to bloom. Nibbling slowly on your green leaves until they look unhealthy. A remedy to this problem is building a six foot tall fence around the garden to keep theses pests out.

Make sure the fence is tightly woven on the bottom. It only takes a very small space for the rabbits to squeeze through. I know that a fence is not what you envisioned when you began the process of growing this garden. An alternative to the fence is placing dryer sheets on your flowers. This will keep the deer away but if rabbits are your problem I’m afraid you will have to find another option. Moles can also be a problem in many gardens. Digging holes all around your lovely creations. They are small but they can really cause problems for anyone trying to enjoy a hole free garden.

When you start the process of growing your flower garden. You should take into consideration all the pests you might attract. Certain flowers are more appealing to some animals more than others. Ask your local florist or nursery what are the best flowers and what types might live beyond the pests that will try and eat them. Some flowers may need more direct sunlight while others require shade. Get all the information on your flowers before taking the time to plant them in the ground.

If Moles are the pests in your garden there are several ways you can rid yourself of this problem. The first is to trap them. Once you trap them drive several miles away and place them far away from your home and garden. If trapping moles is not for you then you might want to try and flood them out. Find the holes in your garden and simply let your hose water run down the hole until you feel like you have flooded the area. The final way and maybe least effective is build a barrier. Make it difficult for the mole to enter the garden.

You work hard on your garden. Do not let pests destroy your hard work.