Folks, your roach killer bait is the best available products in the Market


Folks, your roach killer bait is the best available products in the Market. Safe, fast, and effective. It wiped out roaches in days! Truely amazing!

Brett USA

Thanks for your roach killer baits. We can’t find any cockroaches in our hotel after one week. We have tried so many different products but nothing can compare with the one you provide. Fantastic!

Lisa Australia

Wonderful! Safe & Natural, in 6 days all roaches were gone. It’s the best roach Killer I ever used. Thank you again.


You saved us hundreds of dollars! Your Roach killer baits are better and cheaper. We don’t need professional pest control service anymore.

Paul USA

Your Roach Killer Bait is Sample & Effective. It swept out all cockroaches in my house in 5 days. Thank you very much.

Vicki Australia

Dear Firstpestcontrol, I tried different Roach Baits in many years. I am amazed with your roach killer baits…all roaches just disappeared and never come back again.

Michelle NewZealand

Your roach killer bait is excellent! Thanks.

Marie USA

I love your roach killer bait. It killed all cockroaches in my home. I have told friends your website…thank you very much!

Thitiporn Japan

Your Ant Clean Bait is superb! It killed all the ants in just 3 days. Excellent!


I just wanted to thank you for the Ant Clean Bait you sent to me. I am a small motel owner in Hunter valley. After using ants killer bait, I don’t have ants problem anymore. My guests can now leave their food and drinks on tables day and night. Amazing!

Jimmy NSW Australia

Great communication. Fast postage, I received my order in 7days. Thanking you.

Karen CA USA

The Ant Killer Bait you sent to us was enough to treat my house and garden. All ants disappeared three days after I started to use ant baits and haven’t returned for over two months now. Thanks a lot for your ant killer bait.

Larry LA USA

Your Ant Bait was so helpful! It eliminated all ants in our kitchen, bathrooms and garden. Thank you for selling me stuff that really worked.

William Texas USA