Frequently Asked Questions On Active Roach Killer Bait & Cockroach Control


How is Active Roach Killer Bait different from other roach control products?
Active Roach Killer Bait is superior to other roach control products (including all roach baits) in 3 key areas:
It is 100% natural. Active Roach Killer Bait contains Feed Bait and Diatomaceous Soil. Feed Bait attracts roaches to feed on it while Diatomaceous Soil poisons and kills the roaches. Hence, it is completely safe. Other roach control products contain chemical compound that is dangerous to human and pets.

It uses unique Domino Roach Control Strategy – Attract, Poison & Kill to get rid of the entire cockroach nest completely. It is unlike all other roach control products, which only kills cockroaches contacting the surface treated. Hence, Active Roach Killer Bait is 100% effective.

It is perfectly formulated with a powerful attractant and optimal poison. The Feed Bait is effective up to 1 meter radius, 40% more powerful than other roach baits while its natural poison is adequately formulated to poison the roaches gradually so that they can go back and die in their nests and not on the spot.
Can I use Active Roach Killer Bait for all cockroaches? And does it work year long?
Yes. Active Roach Killer Bait can help you get rid of all types of cockroaches, German, American, Oriental, etc. You name it, Active will kill it. And it works all year round.
How fast can I get rid of cockroaches when I use Active Roach Control?
Once you start using Active Roach Killer Bait, you will start to see dead roaches in 2 to 3 days. And in 1 to 2 weeks, all cockroaches and the nest will be eliminated completely. But do bear in mind that new cockroaches may enter from outside again from various sources. That’s why it’s important to continue to use Active Roach Killer Bait to kill new cockroaches as they enter so that no new cockroach infestation will occur.