Garden Pests Moles


Moles are small rodents that live under ground that can be very destructive to your garden. The art of garden pest control is as old as gardening itself and there many ways to go about it. Moles do not do any direct damage to plants. The reason why they are considered pests is because they will dig underground looking for small invertebrates to feed on. Contrary to popular belief moles do not feed on plants or roots. They are looking for life underground to feed on. Nevertheless this can be a real problem for any gardener. It is the equivalent of somebody going around and digging up your garden. You do not have to put up with this and there are ways to stop them.

The first step required in getting rid of moles is to recognize that the problem is indeed moles. Look for large holes and tunnels around the garden area. If there is also any damage to the grass, then most likely you are dealing with a mole problem. The next step is to look for any grubs in the garden area. Grubs tend to house insects of all types which moles love to eat. In short they see grubs as a fast food joint, therefore getting rid of grubs is a step in the right direction. Grubs itself can also be damaging to plants, so getting rid of them will also be good for the plants. There are several methods in the market today to help you do this.

To get rid of the moles themselves you will need 2 things, mole traps and a garden hose. First identify where all the holes are and if possible jump on top of it. When you do this the ground should collapse. If the hole reappears after a few days then that means you have found where they live. This will be proof that their home base is still active. Once you have identified the holes, traps can be set inside them. Sometimes moles will not let themselves get trapped. This is the time when you will need to bring in the heavy artillery also known as the garden hose.

The next step will be to fill up the holes with water. This is sure to work, of course there is always the possibility that some of them will drown in the holes. Just remember that if you set traps they need to be frequently emptied other wise there is the possibility they will get killed. After removing all the moles the next step is to repair damaged ground. This should be done other wise there will be uneven ground left behind.