Never use Insecticides & Conventional Baits again!


No More Expensive Pest Control Service! BECAUSE:

Health Hazard and Unpleasant Odor

The Chemical Insecticides and conventional Baits use is harmful to Human, Animal and Poultry. The toxin and unpleasant odor threatens health and pollutes environment

Insecticides & Conventional Baits Work Ineffectively

Insecticides and conventional Bait can only kill roaches on the contacted surface instantly and individually. They can’t eradicate the entire colony of roaches. Cockroaches continue reproducing and are guaranteed to return again and again therefore you have to spend more and more Money and Time on these ineffective and dangerous products to fight a losing war against Roaches.

Costly Pest Control Service is not required

If you are a house owner facing typical roach problems like 99% of the other house owners, you don’t need expensive Pest Control Service at all. Do It Yourself! You can wipe out roaches effectively and completely with our Highly Regarded Gold Medal winning Cockroach Sweeper.
You saved us hundreds of dollars! Your Roach killer baits are better and cheaper. We don’t need professional pest control service anymore! Paul USA

Stop risking your Family’s Health!
Stop wasting Money!
Stop wasting Time!

How to use Cockroach Sweeper

Simple and Easy
Just place Cockroach Sweeper in all roach infested and preferred areas:
Kitchen – under the sink, around & under stove, behind & inside kitchen cabinets, around garbage bin, around & under refrigerators, all corners in the kitchen
Bathroom – under & around sink Laundry, under & behind washing machine and dryer
Rooms – under and behind all furniture & fitting
Other – suspected Roach and Ant runways, storage area, around drains, pipes, sewage, etc.
Outdoor – place around suspected Roach nest and runways in dry weather


Cockroach Sweeper lures roaches to eat Baits, even if you place Baits in areas where there are other rich food source!

Risk-free 100% Kill Roaches or Money Back Guarantee!

If Cockroaches in the infested areas are not wiped out completely after using Cockroach Sweeper, please just send it back to us and we will give you a 100% refund immediately! It’s risk free! You have nothing to lose!