Roach Control


You can use best roach traps every few weeks/months for the rest of your life if you like doing that, but the only way to truly control roaches is to use a two-prong attack and go after them once and for all.

Our guaranteed method of roach control enables you to kill them in large numbers right now and then in 2 weeks time start wiping out their young that are beginning to hatch out.

If you only have a minor infestation, skip straight to step 2, the process is still guaranteed.

Step 1

Spray Demon WP around baseboards and doorways (Cockroaches love to squeeze through small cracks).
The spray becomes 100% active within 25 minutes of treatment.

Any roach that crosses the line of spray will die (Demon also kills many other insects, including ants & spiders).
Demon will remain active for up to 3 months.

Step 2

2 weeks after you spray, put out Maxforce Roach Bait Stations to control the newly hatching roaches (or make your own with Maxforce Syringes).
Roaches love this bait.
So make sure you place it where the roaches can find it (especially if you used the Demon spray from Step 1).

Once the Roaches eat the bait they ingest what is effectively a ticking timebomb.
Even though the bait is harmless to humans and domestic cats & dogs, the concentration of the slow acting stomach poison is enough to kill the roach.

What makes this step 100% effective, is that the roach gets ill and dies in its nest.
And Roaches being Roaches… the dead roach then becomes food for the others in the nest – which in turn ingest the stomach poison, die and also get eaten.

And so the cycle goes.
It doesn’t take long to wipe out the whole infestation.

The guarantee

If you follow the instructions and fail to achieve total roach control, contact us and we’ll refund you – 100% of your money including your shipping.

If you’ve never tried baiting before, be aware that for the first couple of days you might actually see an increase in roach activity.
This is because cockroaches are so attracted to the bait as a food source.
The excellent side-effect of this initial increase is that it gets the bait into all of the nest much more quickly.

And if you have a very deep infestation, be aware that it can take a second round of baiting to reach every last roach and completely wipe them out.

Small infestations should have their roaches under control in 7-10 days.
But even if you have the absolute worst infestation you can imagine, using one round of step 1 and then two rounds of step 2 will give you perfect roach control in 8 weeks or less.

We’ve guaranteed these products for years and have had just a handful of refund requests.
The reason they work so well is that they’re professional grade products that are so easy to use that anyone can do it.