The Best Roach Control Solution To Get Rid of Roaches


The world’s first 100% natural roach killer bait to help you get rid of roaches. 100% guaranteed safe & effective cockroach control!
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Want to get rid of roaches completely, effortlessly and affordably? Active Roach Killer Bait is all you ever need. Scientifically developed based on research findings from Entolomogy (the study of insects) and Geochemistry, Active Roach Bait is designed to kill roaches and eliminate its entire harborage (places where roaches live and breed) all at one go.

Introducing Active Roach Killer Bait, The Safe & Effective Solution To Roach Control…

To fully appreciate how Advion Roach Gel works, it is critical to firstly understand the ingredients used in the formulation of Active Roach Bait.
Active Roach Killer Bait, made from 100% natural ingredients, consists of Feed Bait and Diatomaceous Soil. Feed Bait serves to attract roaches while Diatomaceous Soil is used to poison and kill the roaches.
The Feed Bait used is a combination of food + pheromone attractant. This is a highly effective attractant that can lure a roach from as far as 1 meter away. Based on studies conducted, this is 40% more powerful than other roach baits in the market.
Diatomaceous Soil is obtained from deposits of diatomite, fossilized sedimentary layers of tiny phytoplankton called diatoms, many of them originating at least 20 million years ago in the lakes and seas. Diatomaceous Soil is a form of amorphous silica that is highly effective for cockroach control. It can kill cockroaches in 2 ways:
Through desiccation, that is by absorbing the oily or waxy outer cuticle layer of the cockroaches in contact. It kills cockroaches by abrading their outer coverings, allowing metabolic sap to leak out, causing the cockroaches to dehydrate and die.

In addition to its desiccant action, Diatomaceous Soil works abrasively to rupture roaches’ cuticles.
How Active Roach Killer Bait Works – Domino Roach Control Strategy
Active Roach Killer Bait employs a unique 3-step Domino Roach Control strategy to get rid of roaches completely. Please refer to the diagram below:

  1. AttractInstead of having to spend countless time and energy to hunt down roaches, Active Roach Killer Bait contains powerful Feed Bait that acts as an attractant to attract roaches to feed on it automatically. All roaches within 1 meter radius from Active Roach Killer Bait will be attracted to it. You do not have to create your own attractants.
  2. PoisonOnce attracted to feed on Active Roach Killer Bait, the roaches will be poisoned by Diatomaceous Soil. This is the most important part of the entire roach control strategy and is the key difference between insecticides and Active Roach Killer Bait. Insecticides usually kills roaches on the contacted surface instantly while Active Roach Killer Bait merely poisons the roaches gradually. This is to ensure that the roaches do not die on the spot but instead, return and die in their harborages/ nests.
  3. Kill
    The poisoned roaches, upon returning to their harborage, will excrete sputum and feces contaminated with Diatomaceous Soil before dying. Since roaches are omnivores (they consume practically everything), other roaches in the harborage will then feed on the poisonous excretions and the carcasses of the killed roaches. Finally, all roaches are killed and the entire nest is eliminated completely.
    It is this unique Domino Roach Control Strategy that makes Active Roach Killer Bait so effective in eliminating roaches completely. In fact, independent tests have documented that with this Domino Roach Control Strategy, one cockroach can cause the death of up to 67 other roaches in just 2 weeks! Our customers have reported seeing hundreds of roaches killed with Active Roach Killer Bait!
    When you use Active Roach Killer Bait, you will start to see roach carcasses within 2 to 3 todays. And typically, you can get rid of all roaches in just 1 to 2 weeks! The good news is once you start using Active Roach Killer Bait, it will continue to kill roaches automatically for the next 3 months! You don’t even have to lift a finger!