Warning: Do Not Buy Retail & Conventional Roach Baits


All over the counter roach baits sold at grocery and hardware stores DO NOT have the same safe & effective formula as Active Roach Bait.
First of all, conventional and retail ant baits rely on chemical compound to kill roaches. The chemical ingredients are highly toxic and can caused health hazards to human and pets. Worse still, they may contaminate the environment.

Secondly, the feed bait used in other roach baits is not as powerful as Active Roach Killer Bait. Most roach baits can only attract roaches up to 0.6 meter while Active Roach Bait is effective up to 1 meter. Experiments have been conducted where 9 different roach baits were placed side by side. Active Roach Bait attracted 19 out of a total of 22 roaches. That’s more than 86.4%! You have to use more of Brand X roach baits to cover the same area as compared to Active Roach Killer Bait!

Thirdly, most retail and conventional roach baits do not have the right balance of poison formulation. The poison is either too mild to kill any cockroaches or too heavy and kills cockroaches before they have any chance of reaching back to their nests. Hence, the necessary domino effect does not take place and the cockroach nest cannot be eliminated completely!

Finally, roaches will gradually build up resistance towards chemical based toxin, rendering most roach baits out there useless as they are highly adaptable creatures with strong survival skills,. This does not happen in the case of Active Roach Bait as it contains only natural compound that poisons and kills roaches. Not even the deadliest cockroaches can ever develop resistance against natural compound!

Do no waste your money or risk you and your family’s health with ineffective and dangerous roach baits! What you need is a roach bait that works safely and effectively!
Take a look at the comparison table below:

  Active Roach Bait Other Roach Baits
Solution Type Domino Roach Control Strategy – Attract, Poison & Kill. No Clear & Effective Strategy.
Effectiveness Powerful Feed + Pheromone Attractant to Attract Roaches 1 Meter Away. Natural Earth Kills Roaches Gradually to Get Rid of Roach Nest Completely. May Not Attract Roaches Beyond 0.6 Meter From Bait. Plus, May Only Kill Roaches in Contact and Does Not Eliminate Nest.
Toxic Level Non Toxic. 100% Safe & Natural to Human & Pets. Kind to Environment. Toxic. May Pose Health Risks to Human & Pets. May Not Be Environmental Friendly.
Cost Long-Term Savings. Requires Relatively Less Bait Stations in a Given Area. More Costly. Have to Use More Bait Stations in a Given Area. Temporary Short-Term Solution.
Guarantee 6 Months No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee No Clear Money Back Guarantee

Active Roach Killer Bait is priced slightly higher than other retail and conventional roach baits in the market. This is due to the fact that only safe and natural ingredients are used in Active Roach Bait, unlike other roach baits. Although you can get roach baits at slightly lower price from the market, ask yourself these 2 questions:

Does it really solve your cockroach problems? And how safe is it for you and your family?
At Roach-Killer.com, We do not attract customers with cheap pricing to increase our sales by selling inferior roach baits!

Active Roach Bait is the world’s first and only 100% natural roach bait that is guaranteed safe & effective. Since your family and home is important to you, why settle for something ineffective and risky? Isn’t your home worth much more than the few dollars saved?