Wipe out Roaches safely & effectively – 100 % Guaranteed


Cockroach Sweeper

Highly effective best roach killer made from Herbs and other Natural Plants.

Natural & Safe

Our Cockroach Sweeper is made from herbs and other natural ingredients. Their toxic level is extremely low as they are made to poison gradually and slowly. The Roach Killer Bait is Safe to Human, Animal and Poultry. When using Cockroach Sweeper, you don’t even need remove or cover food! You also can place Baits in kitchen cupboard!

Highly Effective

Designed to kill the entire colony of roaches once and for all. Following the 3-step strategy: Attraction, Poison and Wipe out, Cockroach Sweeper kills all roaches you can see or you can’t see! There will be no reproduction and re-infestation .

Fast & Easy

All you need to do is to place Roach Baits in the areas where roaches are found. Cockroaches will die within days. Just Fast & Easy. No more spraying insecticides in your home.

Clean, Odorless, No Irritation and Environment-friendly

There will be no oily stains on your furniture and floor. Unlike insecticides, Roach Sweeper is odorless and with no chemicals that pollute environment.


Cockroach Sweeper eliminates roaches once for all. Insecticides and conventional Roach Killer Baits can only kill roaches individually. Roaches will come back again and again. In the long run, using Insecticides and conventional Roach Killer Baits costs you much more money and time.
Pest Control Service costs far too much and is not needed unless your home is seriously infested.

How It Works – Unique 3-Step to wipe out Roaches

  1. Attraction
    Cockroach Sweeper contains irresistible Feed Bait made of herbs and other natural ingredients. It lures roaches to eat, even if you place Baits in areas where there are other rich food source!
  2. Poison
    After feeding on Cockroach Sweeper, insects fall ill but yet can move 2 to 4 days. This allows them to carry the poison back to their harborages.
  3. Infection & Wipe out
    Once back to their nests, ill roaches will infect the others in the same colony. Within days, the entire population in the nest will be wiped out completely.

Folks, your roach killer bait is the best available product in the Market. Safe, fast, and effective. It wiped out roaches in days! Truely amazing! Brett USA