Your Garden


Garden maintenance and more

At Blooming Garden we love to attack the big jobs, bringing tired, over grown gardens back to life. But we are more than just a one-off maintenance gang. With Blooming Garden you can hand the responsibility for keeping your garden beautiful over to someone else.

One of our team of friendly experts will become your garden’s constant guardian. He or she will pay regular visits, do what needs to be done when it needs to be done, and continuously monitor your garden’s progress for you. Where appropriate we’ll take the initiative and offer suggestions along the way.

Our back-up buddy system is in place so that if your gardener moves on or is temporarily unable to work, he/she has a fully briefed buddy ready to step in and carry on where he/she left off.

We tailor our service and the frequency of our visits to suit you and your gardens individual needs. The Blooming Garden maintenance service takes care of everything from the most basic to the more specialist gardening tasks, including:

  • mulching
  • planting
  • pruning
  • pest and disease control
  • transplanting
  • watering
  • weeding

If you’re ready to rev up your garden call us, and we can talk about your needs and ideas.

Design your garden

Whether you need to design an entire landscape complete with pool or simply require a planting plan for an existing garden, we can supply the expertise.


We will also help you transfer plans to reality, choosing the right contractors for the job and overseeing progress, even if that means a change of plans along the way. When a landscape plan stops short of detailing every plant Blooming Garden’s creative gardeners can help you get every plant in the right place from day one.